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A Carmel Project Scores Points with LEED 

We were delighted to receive this submission from California architectural firm Carver + Schicketanz. Originally designed and constructed by architect John Gamble in 1965, rather than tear down the aim was to preserve the excellent structure and original design while at the same time modernizing with new (and much needed) eneregy-saving measures. The home is now Carmel's only LEED Platinum designated project (for more about LEED visit the US Green Building Council's website). We were lucky enough to be able to ask a few questions of design principal Mary Ann Schicketanz about the project. 

An overview:

Like many residences of the mid-century era this home has great flow and well-proportioned volumes, but was in need of an extra bedroom as well as a new kitchen and bathrooms.  In addition, our goal was to modernize the outdated house technology resulting in a highly efficient home with supplemental photovoltaic power generation.  We are proud to have completed the first LEED-certified home in Carmel-by-the-Sea, reaching the highest level: Platinum.

What was your inspiration?

I find challenges inspiring!

What are the main green features of the home? 

Nontoxic and recycled materials were specified throughout the interior to ensure high indoor air quality and reduce the overall carbon footprint. Radiant heat flooring, insulated window glazing, and Energy Star lighting contributed to the project's exceptional energy performance. A compact building footprint and planting of drought resistant plants added to the overall sustainability. On-site renewable energy is provided by a rooftop 3.4 kW photovoltaic solar array that supplies a significant percentage of the overall energy usage. Also, natural ventilation is enhanced by a motorized skylight over the dining room and a Nanawall door system in the master bedroom.

Additional Green Features:

  • The entire building envelope, roof, walls and floor was insulated with recycled material to superior energy efficiency
  • The old external wood siding was replaced with Nichiha fiber cement siding (partly recycled) that lasts 50 years.
  • Blomberg aluminum frame insulated windows
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Retained the 1965 wood siding on interior walls
  • New whole-house water filtration system
  • New bedroom downstairs (converted from garage)
  • Hardwood floors retained throughout, but new white resin flooring installed in selected areas
  • New plumbing throughout
  • No VOC paints, etc.

We love to see older homes get restored instead of demolished, in particular mid-century architecture. What is your basic advice to those looking to restore a mid-century home? Is there anything is particular they should look for when scouting for prospects?

Midcentury homes in general have great layouts, often good exposed structural elements but outdated mechanical systems as well as poor insulation and substandard windows and doors. It’s rewarding to embrace the good features of these homes and bring them up to 21st century mechanical, electrical and plumbing standards.

Was it a challenge to obtain LEED? Do you anticipate to see more such projects in Carmel?

LEED Platinum is a very high standard and a challenge. Yes, as a Steering Committee member of Sustainable Carmel I am trying to raise awareness for retrofitting homes and as a company Carver + Schicketanz is trying for LEED certification on every project.

Project Credits:

Design Principal: Mary Ann Schicketanz; Project Architect: Adam Jeselnick; LEED Rater: Bright Green Strategies; Structural Engineering: Gallien Engineering; Mechanical Engineering: Monterey Energy Group; Lighting Designer: Ohm Lighting - Terry Ohm; General Contractor:McNamee Construction. 

Photographs by Robert Canfield



Can you please share the manufacture of the refrigerator. Great information for MCM renovation.
July 15, 2013 | Kathy Murr

Can you please share the manufacture of the refrigerator. Great information for MCM renovation.
July 15, 2013 | Kathy Murr

Beautiful! Looks like it should have been in the Palm Springs Mid-Century event that just ended. Great example of how to modernize and still maintain the integrity of the original concept! Well done, especially as it is sustainably done!!!
March 6, 2012 | A. Herman

As a Carmel By The Sea Realtor, I viewed this property when it was last on the market, before the renovation. What a remarkable transformation! Kudos to Mary Ann Schicketanz and her group for maximizing sustainability while creating a beautiful esthetic (and keeping the character of the property).
March 5, 2012 | Susan Spiegel

Thanks for featuring Carver + Schicketanz, and Carmel's first LEED Platinum home, on your blog! We had a great team to work with.
March 5, 2012 | Adam Jeselnick

Love this sleek modern designs here
March 5, 2012 | Annie Haven | Authentic HAven Brand

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