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Whether or not you're wrapped up in a cozy blanket or you're loved one's arms this Valentine's Day, we at Pure Green believe you can make the most of the holiday by slowing down and savoring small moments. Sure, we could give you a few ideas of our own on how to do that but our #PGMinseason community leaders do it best. 

Here are three ideas to inspire you to stay in this year and enjoy simplicity:

1) Breakfast in Bed via Little Upside Down Cake

Little Upside Down Cake Breakfast in Bed

"There is something about being awake with a fragrance of freshly made coffee and tasting a cinnamon apple pie while still feeling the warm sheets around.
There is something about taking your time and enjoying a quiet morning, having a slow breakfast while reading your favorite magazine…"

2) Heart-Shaped Anything via Two Red Bowls

Two Red Bowls


"The Bowl household is pretty neutral on the V-Day.  We don’t mind it.  But we’re also a tad lazy.  So what happens is I end up making goofy foods into heart shapes (what do you mean Spam’s not romantic?  And, um, no, I’m pretty sure bindaetteok were meant to be made into hearts), then we just pig out and watch movies in our sweatpants."

3) Self-Love Sugar Cookies via Ashley Neese

ashley neese

ashley neese

"As part of my self-love Valentine’s Day I created a new recipe for you all. Ok. So I used real organic sugar in this – be warned. These are like crack. You can play around with subbing out the sugar but let’s be real – sugar cookies are supposed to have sugar!"

Staying in for the holiday? Cooking or baking with your spouse? Celebrating self-love? Share with us! #PGMinseason + #PureGreenLifestyle

A big thank you to our #PGMinseason community leaders Ashley Neese, Two Red Bowls, and Little Upside Down Cake!



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