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Inspiration –A Subtle Mix

Today we're sharing the Paris home of Virginie Denny and Alfonso Vallès, shot by Petra Bindel. The most beautiful shades of gray are so calming yet the subtle hints of wood tones and colour add warmth and welcome. It feels moody and wonderfully quiet, like soft winter snow, yet easy to imagine freshened up with added greenery and flowers for spring and summer. We love the vintage 'La Fleur' poster —the entire home is in fact a wonderful example of incorporating vintage elements in your home yet still achieving a modern, uncluttered feel. Also notice the concrete floors and countertops - this is a common choice for green building projects for a few reasons.

  • It has excellent thermal mass, meaning it holds residual heat for a long time and releases it slowly as the air surrounding it cools down. This  is great for passive homes, but also very efficient when used with radiant in-floor heating. 
  • While acting as a substrate, it can be easily polished and finished, saving the extra cost of laying another floor on top as well as the resources needed to do so. 
  • Concrete can be recycled and re-used, and increasingly concrete mix contains recycled content.

The 'clothesline' is a simple decor element that's easy to change and refresh on a regular basis with new sketches, photos, letters and postcards and other inspiring or sentimental items. 



Wow! I love this home. Stunning, stylish yet with layers of personality
February 12, 2012 | ecoandco.net

So gorgeous! I love the pops of warm wood in all the soft black/gray/white. Such a cozy home, you can tell it's really enjoyed and used.
February 7, 2012 | Rachel Dhawan

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