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Summer time is such a fabulous time for a lot of reasons, but a major one is canoe tripping. Jonathan and I have been craving a trip for a while now—it's amazing how easy it has been in recent years to be so distracted by daily life that opportunities, such as planning a canoe trip, pass you by before you even realize. This year we decided with a great amount of conviction that we were going on a canoe trip. We've decided on the first week of August and the planning has begun. Maps were dug out and old lists and menu ideas from years gone by dusted off. Jonathan is a true campfire gourmet, so there's always a ton of planning to do but it pays off ten-fold at the end of a long day paddling. Have you been camping recently? I'd love to hear about your trip! Send stories and photos to submissions@puregreenmag.com.

Planning a route.

Notes and recipes from years past.




Sounds amazing!
July 31, 2012 | Sara / Sweet Harvest Moon

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