We were delighted to get a sneak peek at FLOR's new Spring 2012 collection - stylish and in perfect keeping with our philosphy at Pure Green, FLOR's modular rugs are green and gorgeous. Read More
I have always wanted a greenhouse... imagine pushing the door open on a cold day to your own private world, a wave of humidity rushing to greet you, the smell of damp earth permeating the air, all surrounded in lush greenery. Imagine a little desk in the corner where you could write in your journal or read a book. Ahhh. Perhaps it's that dream that made me sit up and take notice when I came across these modular greenhouse/garden sheds by avan.to architects in Helsinki. A perfect backyard escape that has set me dreaming all over again... Read More
A Mediterranean style green remodel by Jessica Helgerson Interiors - originally built in the 1920s of white clay bricks. Read More

Homes - Ore Studios

Posted By:Celine
A mid-century modern Craftsman restoration. Read More
I happened upon this product by chance, and while I haven't tried it [yet] I was instantly charmed by Sprout A Revolution's business ethics, branding and packaging! Read More
Another stunner from our friends at Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. The white backdrop with wooden accents is one of our favourite combinations - white serves as a modern and clean starting point and the wood pairings lend a Scandinavian, fresh and organic feel. Read More
I've been saving this one for a while - it's so beautiful my desire to live here is almost painful. I'm sure you'll agree! It's one of the latest projects by Portland design firm Jessica Helgerson Design, one of our all-time favourite sustainable design firms. Read More
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